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I filed October 8TH, 2013 and became a Candidate for Kansas Governor for the 2014 Election. I also became a Republican. Feel free to contact me. @HerbertIII on twitter. west.herb@yahoo.com , 21817 W. 351st, Paola Kansas 66071. http://herbertwest3rd.blogspot.com/ These websites are being used as an "In Kind Contribution", as they are mine and free through Google Blogger. See "Fair Market Value" at the, Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission's webpage. Posted by Herbert West III Campaign Treasurer for, Candidate for KS Governor 2014, Herbert West III, (R). E.I.N. 80-0953936.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Index of Offerings, Packages.

**Update May 16TH, 2012**
Please read and honor this, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_Copyright_Infringement_Liability_Limitaion_Act All my posts are mine and original. I have a Poor mans Copyright by sending all ideas to the FBI and the IRS with my E.I.N.. I don't steal form you, don't steal from me.

**Update** January 13, 2012**

Now Governor Brownback wants to give Sole Proprietorship's tax breaks? How can he do that? They don't pay State Taxes. The only tax breaks a State can give, are State Taxes. I contacted the IRS and got screwed. So did you. I lost $ One Billion this 2011 year and you lost $380 million in Federal Tax Revenue from that loss. I am posting the letter from the IRS here and you can read the IRS Form 13909 I sent them, CLICK HERE.

*****I need to disclose a problem that is occurring with the Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt.He has flagged my business as "SPAM". He is committing Defamation of Character, Slander and Libel against myself and the I.R.S.. I received my E.I.N. from the I.R.S.. He is upset because I filed complaints on his wife's show It is "Ask Your Legislator" . She was only allowing certain candidates air time and denying other candidates air time. That is illegal. He is also upset because the I.R.S. doesn't require me to file my business with the State and the State will not receive any revenue from my business. I pay Federal Taxes only. He is an arrogant "ASS" and needs a Law Suit filed on him. I am sorry that this is happening. I believe in disclosure. My business and all its offerings are registered with the I.R.S.. I ran for Governor in 2009 and 2010. He is assisting in the theft of $152 million from the K-12 Public School system this 2011 Budget Year. I set up the PTA College offering to assist the kids. I don't feel that Governor Brownback nor Attorney General Schmidt should be allowed to commit Larceny and steal our K-12 Budget and the S.R.S. budget. Check out this article, CLICK HERE. Then he did this, CLICK HERE, and this CLICK HERE. You can check with the I.R.S. I am a legal, legit business. Also consider how much Federal Revenue they are jeopardizing. Go to THIS LINK and see how much tax I pay on the Gross Income you think I might make. Also go to THIS SIGHT. Add the figures together and you will see how much they are jeopardizing in Federal Taxes I will pay. If I gross $1,000,000.00 a year, I will pay $315,812.00 in Income Tax and I will pay $37,039 in Medicare and Social Security Taxes. That is $352,851.00 a year for every $1,000,000.00 I make in income average a year. I want Brownback and Schmidt held accountable!*****

I will list my offerings and packages here. Each will provide a link to a detailed page that describes the offering, package. Most businesses do not have a Marketing or Promotions License. I do! Businesses do business as they are licensed and classified by the I.R.S.. I do not sell gas as a Gas Station, I do not sell food as a Super Market. I run a Marketing Business. My ideas are original and have a "Poor Man's" Copyright on them. If businesses could have been doing these offerings all along, why have they decided not to? Those aspects make my offerings original.

I am hoping to set up a "Merchant Sales Account" with a Bank. Then all a business has to do is pay me electronically, then print off the package/offering/concept and draft out their own paperwork for their customers to view and use. I offer the concept and standard paperwork. If a business wants to re-write the paperwork or utilize what they purchased as offered, that is fine. They will still have the original they purchased as offered for reference and use it in their business. It can still be used as a business expense tax deduction.

Thanks for reading up on me and, as customers, please consider letting businesses know you are interested in seeing my offerings in the businesses where you shop. As businesses please consider using my offerings. My fee's are very small.

1. "Slot Machine Tournament". CLICK HERE!

""**July 27th/2013** Offer #2 has been amended, see me at west.herb@yahoo.com for the amended offer**"".
2. "Free Raffle Drawing". CLICK HERE! And see http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5416 for my newest offering. Lets pick on Walmart. If Walmart buys this offering for use, and sells 1,000 Raffle Tickets a week times 50 weeks, at $1.00 a ticket, that is $50,000.00 a year they would collect at each store. As of 2010, there are 4,394 stores. $50,000 times 4,394 equals, $219,700,000.00 a year. They then take that gross revenue and use it to buy advertisements, business cards, sale ads, radio commercials, tv commercials etc:.. They then take the revenue they have set aside for those things and build another Walmart. Why another Walmart? If they build a Super Center by a current Super Center, they can then turn the current Super Center into my Casino Arcade. If they collect $5,000.00 a day times 365 days that would be, $1,825,000.00 a year. They could also convert the current Super Centers into Expo Centers. Again, the Raffle they buy from me pays for all of this. They fee they pay me is 100% tax deductible as a business expense. I am asking $1,000.00 per store for a lifetime use of my offering. $4,934,000. Not bad. It is 100% Tax Deductible. Again, this is 100% Federal Tax controlled and regulated. They pay me the $4,934,000.00 instead of Uncle Sam. Imageine eventually they have 10 of these Casino Arcades in all 50 states. 500 times, $1,825,000.00 equals, $912,500,000.00 a year into Walmart at the Vending Tax Rate. See me Casino Arcade here, http://www.wen2k.com/tell.php?Id=5122 Basically, each person pays, $1.00 admission and plays all the Arcade Games and Slot Machines at no additional expense. They cannot put money in any of the Games or Slot Machines. They cannot win or loose. They only play for fun. Walmart also would have Vending Machines inside for snacks. People would play, Pac Man, Asteroids, Slots, Ride Dumbo etc:..

3. "U.S.D. or P.T.A. Fundraiser Package". This will also contain a provision for the Concept/Package for, "The P.T.A. Community College". CLICK HERE!

4. "Home Mortgage Payment Schedule Package". CLICK HERE!

5. "Employment Benefit Waiver/Bonus Concept/Package". CLICK HERE!

6. "Power Plant". CLICK HERE!

7. "Temporary Insurance". CLICK HERE!

8. "Office Of The Locator". CLICK HERE!

9. "Casino"? I am working on a legal Casino that will be in all 50 States. I will update this offering later. It will be owned and ran by the Sheriff and Fire Department in each County I decide to work with. I will get a royalty. CLICK HERE.

10. "Free Self Defense Sites". CLICK HERE!

11. "Fuel Saver Idea". CLICK HERE!

12. "Recipes". CLICK HERE!

13. "Reality Internet? Live Web cam Shows"? CLICK HERE!

14. "FEMA Incident Command". (Program/Protocol). CLICK HERE

15. Do to the unforeseen policies of the Bank and its Account Structure, I am voluntarily removing the option or offering to open a Live Web Cam Studio or Advertising for these Nude/Porno Web Sites.  "I will be adding a Photo/Video Studio soon". I will also be setting up where women can pay me $50.00 a month and post their websites of the photo/model work they do. I will not receive anything from the sales from their websites. They can do both or either for the same $50.00. They can bring their own cameras, props, staff and security. This will be available soon. If 100 women pay me $50.00 a month I will make $5,000.00 month. I only pay Federal Income Tax at 32% to 38%. I also pay around .09% for Medicare Tax on the first $103,984sh of my Gross income. That changes every year. For now, for free, comment below and add any and all info you wish. When you post, the user-name you use will appear and when people click onto it, it will go to your info at your facebook, twitter, contact and websites you control and use. It is always free to comment. I always check each comment to make sure it is not a bunch of stupid crap. "I am not responsible for nudity on your comment or your info you submit".

I will also make "Live Web cams" available to these ladies. I can travel or use my studio. Imagine 25,000 people paying $10.00 to watch a, "Live Web Cam Show", of a photo shoot. That is $250,000.00 for two hour worth of work. I will get about 5% to 10%. The rest is pretty well going to the ladies. Remember, 313,364,104 million people live in America. I can get 25,000 to log on easily. Most chat rooms only allow 25,000people to log on at once. I will probably use more that one chat room. I might use more than one web cam on each session, depending on how many people log in. Want to see an example of some web cams? http://www.earthcam.com/ Also go to facebook and see my group. HLWIII model pics ,on the left of my facebook page. Again, I am, Herbert West III ,there. The groups are on the left in the group list. I was friended by Lacey Foxx on facebook. See her at (Live Web Cam Site Removed). """Shows Nudity and Pornography, view at your own discretion. I am not responsible if you visit there""". This is the type of model webcams I would like to see as well as photo shoots without Pornography. I believe in, "Artistic Integrity", eitherway. Again, I will never force a Model to do anything they don't want to do.

16. "Video Studio". I will filming myself as a cooking show and putting these videos on my webpages/blogs. I will call the show, "BBQ and Bikini's". I will film girls poolside and film myself cooking my recipes. I have a lot of BBQ recipes I have not put on my recipe blog. See them at http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2009/08/recipes.html See the, "BBQ and Bikini's", blog at http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/04/bbq-and-bikinis.html The girls will be dressed. Just in Bikinis.
17. "Green Dot Security Card". See this here> http://otherthingstwo.blogspot.com/2011/12/green-dot-money-card-ideasuggestion.html Contact Green Dot and express your desire for this to happen. Also contact RushCard.
18. "Not-For-Profit Raffle". http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/05/not-for-profit-raffle.html This worth reading. It is my original Raffle Idea.

19. "Drought Assistance". How to help with the drought problem. http://hlwiiiotherthings.blogspot.com/2012/11/drought-assistance.html
20. My, "Not For Profit Organization", coming soon. http://otherthingstwo.blogspot.com/2013/07/my-not-for-profit-organization-coming.html
21. Concert, Comedian Concept.
Imagine, 250,000 Bars, Restaurants or Saloons broadcasting a live concert to their customers all in one night. All Bands have to do is set up a Stage in their Garage or Studio. Do a live concert using a Live Web Cam/Cams setup and letting 250,000 Bars, Restaurants and Saloons Broadcast this Live Show to their customers. I would frown on doing full Private Home Pay Per View of the Concert. That can be HACKED, PIRATED and SOLD without your approval. They can charge $1,000.00 a Bar, Restaurant or Saloon. That is 250,000 times $1,000 directly to the Band/Comedian. $250,000,000.00, DAMN!!! The Band/Comedian  should allow the Bars, Restaurants and Saloons to charge a fee to the customers and recoup some of their expense. The Bar, Restaurant or Saloon would have to have a computer and would have to have a compatible web cam that would broadcast their business to the Bands Garage during the concert. They would also need to have a computer that would receive the Web Cam Concert from the Bands Garage/Studio. The Bands would randomly select these businesses to broadcast them live through the bands web site during the concert. If 100 people go to each Restaurant, Bar or Saloon. That is 25,000,000 people that would see the band. Again, to slow down or stop HACKING and PIRACY, I would not allow Pay Per View in Private Homes. That is 25,000,000 people who would order C.D.'s, T-Shirts Etc:.. from the Bands Web Site. All this is Direct Marketing.
Again, the Band and/or the Comedian control everything. They supply their own Web Cams, and they set up their own Garage, Studio for Broadcast. They also could sell commercial space that they broadcast during the Concert/Show. They also could have opening time, and closing time sharing with the Band/Comedian. It would look like a Music Concert instead of a single song Music Video.
Comedians could do the same. They would set up the same set up. The numbers are the same.
Neither group, Bands or Comedians would pay a promoter, a radio station or anyone else. It is all Direct Marketing. If your Band or your a Comedian and like this suggestion, thank me with a tip. I do own the Marketing Company above, E.I.N. 45-1473168. Look this over, think it over and talk with the your Management as well as the IRS. If you like this and want to thank me with a Tip, let me know. Contact me at west.herb@yahoo.com I will let you know my Bank info to set up sending me a Tip. Thanks and keep sharing.
**UPDATE** August/19/2013**
Imagine doing these Concert like a Conference Call set up. The Band Broadcast's from their location. They randomly look through the 250,000 Bar's, Restaurants, Taverns Etc:.. who set up their own Web Cams and they Conference Call those Web Cams into their Garage where they are Broadcasting from. They then forward those feeds Live from their Garage/Studio. The Bands/Comedians could also purchase a house or warehouse to do the Garage/Studio Broadcasts from, using that house as a Studio. Also, you can use JVC Camcorders. They are nice. I have two of them. You can hook a Cell Phone to them to use the Cell Phone to Broadcast to a Computer or you can hook the Camcorder into a Computer directly. You can use Cell Phones instead of Pay Per View Web Cam services. The Bars, Clubs Etc:.. would give you their Cell Number and you would allow them to call you or you can call them and use the Cell Phones and the Internet to Broadcast. Please forward this to any and all of your contacts. Peace!!!!!!
How to Broadcast the Bars, Restaurants, Tavern Etc:.. Webcams? Place 4 Monitors/Tv.'s behind the drummers head. Two on the left, two on the right. Broadcast the feeds through these. Randomly change these as the Band performs. People see the Band, and they see 4 Monitors at the same time. Click through the 250,000 Bars, Taverns Etc:.. Allow them to hold up a Poster Board showing their location. The Band looks forward into their Webcam/Camcorder. On the left or right of the Lead Singer, allow a Celebrity Cam from a Celebrity's location. Do a live shout out to, Charlie Sheen and his party at his house or pre determend  location. Etc:.. Do a twitter party also. Utilize twitter to get these Bars, Restaurants, Taverns Etc:.. Broadcast Globally. That is http://www.census.gov/popclock/ 7,106,192,947 people, average!!!! 

Marketing Matters HLW3RD D.B.A." (C) Herbert West 3rd.


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  2. Someones going to feel a sharp pain in there asshole when Rich takes care of them without lube

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